Our History
and Direction

Aquilai was founded in 2017 by AI data scientists and security experts to solve the number one problem in cyber security – phishing

Shaped and Influenced by Experts

Shaped and influenced by experts at the UK’s GCHQ and NCSC in cooperation with academics and cyber experts from world leading academic and research centres, Aquilai’s Ajax technology is secure and unique.

Our People

Paul Chapman


Andy Oldfield

Technical Director

Gordon Young

Head of Sales (EMEA)

Jack Chapman


Where We've Come From

Ajax was shaped by Government Intelligence and Cyber Agencies to protect against phishing attacks, both current and future. For companies using cloud based email like Office 365 and G-Suite it is an essential protection to stop employees being deceived by phishing attacks

Where We're Going

Phishing attack tactics change everyday, and by being agile and innovative the team at Aquilai can react quickly to keep our customers safe. According to NCSC it is not sufficient to solely rely on cyber training for employees to keep your organisation safe.
Ajax Intelligence detects over 40% of phishing attacks which are missed by incumbent vendors. By learning what is normal for organisations Ajax Intelligence shields organisations from even the most advanced attacks. Join the growing number of companies that trust Ajax Intelligence to keep them safe everyday

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