AJAX Intelligence

  • Unmatched Threat Detection
  • Intuitive Functionality
  • Effortless Accessibility
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Detects multi vector exploits, including zero day attacks

Prevents financial losses, data breaches and brand damage

Provides feedback on suspicious and malicious email content

Stops access to malicious web sites via embedded links

Non disruptive deployment with no software or client installation

Works across all mail clients and devices

AJAX is available on Office 365, and G Suite, across all devices and mail clients

Keep It Simple, Keep It Safe

When a phishing email is detected, Ajax alerts the user with a simple traffic light warning system, keeping them safe without distraction.

AJAX Detection Capability

CEO Fraud

Impersonation of an executive or assistant

Deep Sea Phishing

A complex and obscured attack

Brand Forgery

Attempt to deceive by masquerading as a well known brand

Spear phishing

Targeted attack on an individual

How AJAX Works

Detects staff, organisation and brand impersonation

Our email analysis can detect even the most obfuscated forms of impersonation

Analyses linguistic content

Inspection of the email text for key phrases and emotive or coercive content common in Phishing attacks

Learns the normal mail flow for a user

Understanding the mail flow for the user and organisation helps spot anomalies

Offers feedback using a simple colour coded warning system

Simple colour coding identifies the threat level, clicking through the banners give additional details on the threat(s) detected

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