Aquilai partners with Nottingham-based LittleFish

Aquilai Cyber Intelligence an innovative email phishing detection & threat intelligence software company, are delighted to announce a partnership with LittleFish.

Aquilai Cyber Intelligence email phishing cloud service, Ajax Intelligence, is dedicated to preventing cyber breaches via email phishing. The service has been integrated into the growing LittleFish Managed Cyber Security Services portfolio for LittleFish enterprise customer deployments. LittleFish recognise that business critical services depend on IT, so the availability, integrity and security of these services is vital to every organisation, and in partnering with Aquilai allows LittleFish to offer a GCHQ & NCSC shaped and highly effective solution with low support requirements to protect LittleFish customers, employees and brands.

Aquilai Cyber Intelligence gives organisations the ability to protect their staff and brand from compromise by email phishing attacks. Currently offering the highest level of defensive capability against even the most sophisticated phishing attacks, the solution from Aquilai works across all industries and sectors including Central and local Government, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Transport and Media.

LittleFish are a leading provider of enterprise-class Managed IT Services here in the UK and across the globe. With over 16 years’ experience, LittleFish provides their Managed IT Services into both the private and public market sectors, with customers such as Houses of Parliament, PDSA, Historic England, UK National Audit Office and Farrow & Ball.  

Paul Chapman, Founder / CEO of Aquilai Cyber Intelligence, said, “Through partnerships we are able to offer a stronger Microsoft Office 365 proposition and are therefore delighted to be working with LittleFish at a time when we are acquiring new customers across all market segments. We look forward to engaging with the LittleFish team, assisting them in securing their customers cloud email systems against email phishing attacks.”

Katy Hinchcliffe, Head of Cyber Security at LittleFish said “Email phishing is certainly top of mind for threat mitigation for our customers, and we are very pleased to integrate Aquilai’s highly effective phishing mitigation solution into our security services portfolio for our customers cloud based email systems. We can see that with zero user disruption and a 30-minute deployment time, great care and design has gone into this solution such that our customers can be protected from email phishing easily and quickly.”

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