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Why is spear phishing the No.1 threat?

The return on investment for running a phishing campaign makes it very worthwhile no matter whether it is a general of a targeted attack. There is a high chance of it succeeding with the first victim likely to click within 82 seconds of the campaign being launched. Phishing attacks are not always initially designed to trick you into paying money, they may be looking to gather credentials or just build a relationship for further exploitation. All approaches can be very effective.

Don’t email getaways stop spear phishing?

Traditional solutions have evolved from Spam and Malware gateways, these are very different attack vectors to Phishing. As such they are incapable of detecting the current and evolving complex phishing campaigns which have typically not been seen before. As the creators of Phishing campaigns start to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, the attacks will become ever more complex and consequently more difficult to detect.

Why is Aquilai different?

Ajax Intelligence has over 40 classifiers working in tandem, powering comprehensive linguistic analysis and attack type classification. This capability enables Ajax to ‘see’ an email just like a cyber security expert would and to determine its level of threat which allows early stage visibility and pre-emption of any phishing attack