What is Ajax intelligence?

Ajax intelligence is a cloud-based security supplement (CESS) which has been designed with help from GCHQ to detect advanced technical and social engineering phishing attacks. Any company from 20 users to Enterprise size that holds IP, sensitive data or national secrets will benefit from its protection. Office 365 users are particularly at risk from cyber criminals trying to steal their log in credentials.

Do I need a cloud-based security supplement (CESS)?

Mail protection solutions generally guard against bad links or malware attachments but were never designed for looking at deception to prevent phishing attacks. Social engineering attacks are very hard to detect for secure email gateway solutions. Ajax Intelligence identifies 20x more phishing attacks than any other solution, using over a hundred and thirty machine learning algorithms to “see” each email much like a human cyber-security expert would. This gives Ajax intelligence the unique ability to catch zero-day phishing attacks that haven’t been reported yet. It also means that Ajax intelligence can catch realistic-looking forgeries even when they come from high-reputation senders like G Suite and Office 365. No other solution can do this. Ajax Intelligence can be deployed as a stand alone solution or in conjunction with other secure email gateways like Mimecast, if they are already deployed.

What about false positives?

It is very important that users are not continually bombarded with warning banners. Users who continually see Amber and Red warning banners will “switch off” if they are not appropriately accurate. Ajax intelligence banner rates are world class – ask us when we demo.

Is Aquilai a cloud-based solution?

Yes. We run servers in the cloud that automatically process every email the customer receives.

Does Aquilai block dangerous emails?

Yes. Ajax Intelligence can via the admin console flag malicious email either with a red warning
banner and disable the links or send to quarantine/junk.

Is it complicated to setup?

No. Unlike other mail protection solutions, you don’t need to change your DNS records or make other public, disruptive changes to protect yourself with Ajax Intelligence. We use the latest Microsoft technologies to vastly simplify setup and deployment; most customers are up and running in under an hour. And unlike other solutions, Ajax Intelligence supports a staged roll-out to groups of users at a time, rather than requiring a single “big bang” cut-over.

Will my security team need to continue writing new email rules?

No – Ajax Intelligence will detect all those deceptive emails that used to involve writing specific rules and whitelisting/blacklisting.

What are the minimum requirements?

Cloud based email such as Office 365 EOL (Exchange on Line), or G-Suite. Ajax Intelligence is not configured for On Premises solutions and Hybrids.

Does it slow down mail delivery?

No. Ajax intelligence performs its analysis in milliseconds, so it doesn’t slow anything down.

What about spam and malware?

Ajax Intelligence is specialist deception detecting software and will work in conjunction with Microsoft’s APT2 and any other spam and malware protection feeds or solutions.

What mail clients are required? Does anything have to be installed per user?

Ajax Intelligence works with all mail clients — Threat information appears immediately above the body of the message and thus displays correctly on all devices/clients (desktop, web, and mobile). No client software required.

What kind of warnings does Aquilai’s Ajax Intelligence show?

Ajax Intelligence has three types of coloured banners:

Blue banners – warns that an email is a 1st time sender, an external email, financial or sensitive. It means the email shows no suspicious linguistics, technical spoofing or known phishing links. The blue banner does not declare the email is totally safe hence blue and not green is used.  

Amber banners – signs of suspicious behaviour, caution required. Click on banner for a more detailed breakdown. The level of the amber threat can be seen on this page. 

Red banners – High confidence that the email is deceptive. Extreme caution should be excised before following any instructions, clicking links, and downloading documents. Click on banner for a more detailed breakdown of what Ajax has discovered.

Can some warnings be turned off?

Yes. Blue banners External, Financial and Sensitive can be turned off in the admin console.

Can Ajax Intelligence give me an overview of the company phishing threat to my Board?

Yes. An admin dashboard allows real time and past statistics to be easily compiled.

What is the maintenance required to keep up to date?

Ajax intelligence is a cloud-based solution. All scans for customers emails are the latest version and require no maintenance customer side.

Will Ajax Intelligence work in concert with other mail software?

Yes. Ajax Intelligence is deployed last in the email protection chain, so it blocks anything the previous filters allow through. It does not interfere with any protection, archival, or e-discovery software.

What is the pricing model?

Pricing is per human mailbox per month. We are proud to offer both better protection and better pricing than our competitors. Request a demo to look at the product and get a quote.

What is the sales model?

 Ajax Intelligence is sold via Tier One Channel partners and specialist cyber consultancies. Our partners have done extensive testing on Ajax Intelligence and all use it internally. Our partners provide 1st and 2nd line support. See our Partner page for authorised partners.

Do you offer free trials?

Aquilai can deploy free Proof of Value trials for 2-4 weeks depending on company size.